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Litigation and arbitration

GALERA ABOGADOS defends the interests of its clients in all types of litigation both in the different jurisdictions and in out-of-court disputes, in the following areas:

Civil and commercial jurisdiction

  • Procedural representation in claims for payment.
  • Contract termination and rescission proceedings
  • Claims for unlawful interference with the right to honour, personal or family privacy and self-image.
  • Proceedings on the validity, interpretation, and execution of civil and commercial contracts.
  • Proceedings concerning ownership, possession, and transfer of real estate.
  • Contractual and non-contractual liability
  • Payment and bill of exchange proceedings
  • Inheritance partitions
  • Challenging corporate resolutions
  • Liability actions against company directors
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Intellectual property proceedings

Criminal jurisdiction

  • Legal defence in economic crime matters


  • Legal defence in arbitration
  • Injunctive relief and enforcement of arbitral awards
  • Actions for annulment and review of arbitral awards